For Facilities

Facilities and Discharge Planners are under a lot of pressure to have safe, efficient discharges.  Discharge planners, in particular, must overcome multiple issues regarding medical requirements, home, and support environments, community resource information, and financial situations.  Additionally, Discharge Planners make huge efforts in complex coordination between family members, facility departments, and community-based providers.  Entire days are often filled with calls, meetings, emails, texts, callbacks, documentation, and messages.

The common solution: A mixture of medical software, binders and spreadsheets, hundreds of various brochures, in-person hand-offs, texting, emails, and calls… along with a whole lot of stress.

     Issues with the common solution: 

  • Medical software is optimized for medical administration, not the social work of discharging or all of the coordinating.
  • Binders and spreadsheets help organize. They don’t automatically get updated or do the work.
  • Giving management updates is manual and time-consuming.
  • Community information is difficult to access and out of date.
  • Emails, texts, and calls require time and multitasking stress to keep things organized.

Our solution: An app for Discharge Planners that automates and coordinates.  You plan, it does.

  • Accounts for social work aspects
  • Automated coordination and communication
  • Automatic Management reports
  • Automatic updates about community resources

At-a-glance patient tracking

  • Toss the binders!
  • Delete the spreadsheet trackers!
  • Always have an up-to-date dashboard
  • Easily give management updates

Smart referral management

  • Stop repetitive efforts
  • Eliminate the waiting
  • Receive fast responses from multiple providers
  • Quickly move from planning to planned
  • Easily find the best matching providers
  • Save time with optimized relationship interactions

Accessible community-based information

  • Throw away the cheatsheets
  • Eliminate the unorganized brochures
  • Get the latest information on your community providers
  • Know who can help with difficult medical conditions
  • Provider Rates

Easy coordination and communication

  • Stop the faxing
  • Quit the paper hand-offs
  • Task management
  • Easily send patient needs

Compliance with HIPAA and PHI.