For Providers

Being part of a partner’s referral network is critical to success, but building relationships is difficult.  It is challenging to show your readiness to serve, competence, and ease of working together.  Additionally, coordinating services is often inconsistent and frustrating for your partners when they have to work with various partners across various patients.
Current solution: Feet on the street marketing, word of mouth referrals, fetching hard copies, faxing, emailing, texting, and calling

Issues with the current solutions

  • Current methods of building relationships are slow and inefficient
  • Updating Provider information is slow and sometimes requires multiple efforts to get your partner to adopt.
  • Out-dated communication methods are slow and difficult to use
  • Referrals and tracking can sometimes get lost or delayed

Our solution:  A platform focused on building your relationships with partners.

  • Become more accessible to your partners
  • Respond faster with automated coordination and communication
  • Become super easy to work with

At-a-glance patient tracking

  • Easily see and track your referrals
  • Give management updates

Easy coordination and communication

  • Easily receive Patient information
  • Quickly receive patient information
  • Easily and instantly update your information for referrals

Smart referral management

  • Receive fast referrals from your referral sources
  • Quickly move from planning to planned
  • Get the information you need for accepting/decline a referral

Compliant with HIPAA and PHI